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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Moving On

So I have officially moved my blog from Blogger to Wordpress.

After reading several reviews and comments on both I decided to move the blog. You can now find me at which will be hosted by Wordpress.

I have nothing against Blogger, as it has been very good to me, but I think I just need something more professional looking moving forward. I know it will be a long learning curve to get use to Wordpress as I don't think I'm that "technically sauve".

This will be my last post here on Blogger, so if you are following me, please update you links to

New Name

Last night I decided to take the plunge and get myself a domain name. 

You will probably notice that Gus' Place is now Gus Digital.

I have plans to change the look and format shortly, so if you are following along, please make sure you change how you get to me.  You can now find me directly by going to

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Bellini Effect

Russ and I were at the Cactus Club in Yaletown the other day enjoying a Bellini when I thought to myself, "Self, who in this city makes the best Bellini"?

Based on wiki, the Bellini originated in mid 30's to late 40's by Giuseppe Cipriani, a head bartender at Harry's Bar [wiki].  It is made up of peaches and Italian sparkling wine.

I of course love the Cactus Club's version, but I'm determined to find out where else in the city has a good Bellini.   I have heard that Milestones, Swiss Chalet and White Spots all make them.  Russ has also had one White Spots and he finds it equally refreshing.  If anyone else knows of a good place to have a Bellini, please let me know.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Puerto Vallarta 2008 in Review

It has only been a few short days that Russ and I have returned back from Puerto Vallarta, which now seems to be our annual trip south.

Though this was a shorter visit for me then expected, I still managed to get to points around Puerto Vallarta I thought I wouldn't get to. This time around Russ and myself ventured to the Gringo Gulch area of Puerto Vallarta famous for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's home (Casa Kimberley and Casa Burton). This was the house that Richard Burton bought for Liz when he was filming "Night of the Iguana" back in '63.

Now websites say that Casa Kimberley [link] is now a bed and breakfast, but alas this can't be further from the truth. It is currently not occupied, falling apart, and no one lives there. I can say this because Russ and I actually paid a care-taker some money ($5) to get in and walk around. I have to say that the views were spectacular and was surprise to know that we could see the home from our balcony back at the condo.

The weather in Puerto Vallarta was definitely cooler than normal. I was surprised that at night time we had to actually bundle up and I had to wear a jacket.

This has been a strange month for them. Even the tourists weren't as many as years past. With that said, the construction of new buildings and condos in the old section are huge. I do hope that they don't build too much as the charm of the old section will be lost.

All and all a good trip and was able to connect with some old friends and meet some new ones as well. Hopefully we'll see them all again next year. :)

You can find more pictures of the trip on my flickr [link] page
UPDATE: Looks like my blog was picked up on Tourist Network [link] and translated into German. I'm not sure if it's a compliment or not.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

From Arizona to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

After our sales training in Scottsdale AZ was over, my vacation officially started! 

I am now in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for 8 more days of sun and fun.  Although the first night I arrived I was surprised to see how cold it is here.  At night you really need a jacket to get around the city.  I was cold while having dinner last night at Joe's Fish Shack on the patio.  The food there was awesome as usual (Mahi, Mahi was yummy, yummy).

Today of course was a beach day and I was surprised to see the beach fairly empty.  I recall last year if you didn't make it to the beach by 12pm you didn't get yourself a palapas.  Now you can still find a palapas all day long.  You also don't see many Americans here now a days.  I'm wondering if the issues back in the US are resulting in less traffic down here.  Oh well maybe that is a good thing :)

Tonight we had dinner at the condo (roasted chicken) and just relaxing now getting ready to head out for the evening. I'll make sure I bring my jacket just to make sure I don't suffer like I did last night.

I'll have a magarita for all my friends back home!!! :)

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sales Training in Scottsdale Arizona - End

Today was our final day of training here in Scottsdale and I have to say what a great bunch of people we have working for our company.  The enthusiasm each office brings to the table is amazing and I know this will push us even further in the coming year.

I want to congratulate our Eastern Region in the US for winning Best Office of the year, an honour our office in Vancouver shared last year.  You have an amazing team of individuals and I look forward to seeing awesome things from you.

I want to also congratulate our fellow Canadian members, Claire for winning best CRM out of our Toronto Office as well as Vince, in our office, for continuing to win best AE for the 5th consecutive year.

Way to go Marketwire!

Tomorrow I'm off to Puerto Vallarta for a much needed holiday.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sales Training in Scottsdale Arizona

So I'm here in Scottsdale Arizona for a company wide sales training.  With all of our offices here in one place going through the training has so far been enjoyable.  The days of course are long with courses and seminars, but there is so much to learn and our team is making the most of it.

Tonight we had a "dine around" where we were give specific restaurants to attend.  My luck I was given the joy of going to North, an Italian restaurant here in the Scottsdale.  I have to say the food was fantastic, from the antipasto, to the my actual meal  MMM.  Everyone at our table fully enjoyed their meals and it was fun to get to know other members of our team.  

Tomorrow will be another fun filled day of seminars with some fun interactive games planned.  How much fun they will, time will tell ;)

You can find some of the photos of the event on my flickr page [flickr]

I think that is it as I'm off to bed to try to get some sleep.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Junior

On January 1st, 2008 Junior turned 1 year old.

Though we didn't have a cake or have a party for him, Junior did have a great day of just playing with both Russ and I.

We'll definately have to have some type of party for him, but it might have to wait until we get back from Puerto Vallarta at the end of the month!

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Christmas and New Years Round Up

Sorry I haven’t updated this in sometime.

Christmas Eve Russ and I spent the evening with Andrea and Alix at their place to have a great dinner. Alix has always been a fantastic cook and her sweet corn pudding was delicious! MMM mmm MMM.

After dinner, Andrea turned on her Wii and we all worked off some much needed calories. .This was my first time playing Wii and I have to say it was fun, graphics are “cute” and “cartoonish” but I guess that is what makes it fun.

Christmas morning I opened up my presents to some great stuff Russ had gotten me, shirt, tie, cuff-links as well as some cologne I’ve been wanting.

We got dressed and headed up to Theresa’s for Christmas morning breakfast. Theresa is another amazing cook and she made some great fruit salad, homemade cinnamon buns and some hot coco with Baileys. MMM.

Later on we had Russ’ mother over for our traditional turkey dinner and had a great time.

My sister, mother, and niece Samantha flew in from Toronto over the weekend and we spent time shopping, and baking my pan dulce again, which I have to admit I’m getting better at. 

New Years Eve was spent at Andrea and Alix’s again with Theresa, Mike and another couple who I hate to say I’ve forgotten their names. We played Wii again and had fun playing golf, tennis, and bowling. Great fun.

New Years day was a day of shopping and finally relaxing.

This holiday has been fantastic, with spending time with friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who has made this past year so wonderful and special, and thanks to all who have been apart of my life for many many years!!!

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